Serious Insurances

we are serieus verzekeren!



To ensure that your home and your mortgage are well protected, you as a professional and your own company, there are a number of mandatory/recommended insurance policies. We advise and mediate in insurance such as home insurance, professional liability, travel insurance and business interruption insurance.


We make an inventory of the risk, we make a comparison of the cover and premium, we make clear insurance advice that is fully in line with your personal situation.

private insurance


We look with a fresh look at your insurance policies. We identify the risk, advise and mediate for all your insurance policies. Of course we look for suitable cover to prevent you from being over or under insured.

Choice of different insurers

Choice of different types of coverage and conditions

Premium comparison

Business insurance


Which insurance policies do your company or your staff need? What about liability and disability? We can help you with this, we map all risks with clear advice.

Choice of different insurers

Tailored coverage

Coverage against various forms of occupational/business risks

Choice of different types of coverage and conditions

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