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 We can offer over more than 10 rental mortgage products for private and professional investors.


We guide, compare and we calculate the return for you!


Private investor



Buying a house to rent out can be interesting. Do you want to buy a home as a private individual and then rent it out to family or third parties? We will help you.

Professional investor



Investing in real estate is for everyone. Investing in homes, catering and office buildings for long or short term rental? We are curious about your plan!

When you take out an NHG-backed mortgage, you know for sure that your mortgage matches your income. That’s because your mortgage meets the criteria for responsible lending and borrowing set by the National Institute for Family Finance in the Netherlands (NIBUD). So you know for sure that you’re not borrowing more than you can afford. After making the monthly mortgage payment you’ll still have money left for other expenses like groceries, insurance and your savings account.
NHG: Safe, responsible and durable!

Personal meeting


Please make a no-obligatino appointment for an introduction, an explanation about our service and the first inventory of your financial position.

Tailor-made advice



Based on an inventory, analysis and advice, we arrive at an investment that suits you the best.



We will continue to care after completion. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Serious Rental Mortgages

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