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what insurance policies do you need?


To ensure that your home and your mortgage are well protected, there are a number of insurance policies that are mandatory/recommended. We advise and mediate in insurance such as a term life insurance or a mortgage protection insurance.


Home insurance


In addition to these insurance policies, home insurance is mandatory in case of a mortgage. You insure your home in the event of damage such as fire, storm or burglary. If you own an apartment, there is a good chance that the home insurance is included in the association of owners. Inquire about this with the previous owner or real estate agent.


term life and funeral insurance


You insure yourself againt the risk of death during the term of the insurance policy in order to protect your partner or loved ones financially.

Choice of different insurers

Insured amount customized

Custom-made contract

Choice of different types of coverage and conditions

mortgage protection insurance


An insurance policy that pays (or part of) the housing costs in the event of disability (and/or unemployment). This way you avoid having to sell your home.

Choice of different insurers

Tailored coverage

Cover against incapacity for work and/or unemployment

Choice of different types of coverage and conditions

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